President - Harri Jupp


Hello all and welcome! I’m Harri, the University of Nottingham’s Law Society President for the upcoming 2017-2018 academic year. My main role on the society is to lead our 13 member strong committee throughout the year, chairing weekly meetings whilst liaising with the university Students’ Union and Student Council. I have the responsibility of networking with the world’s top law firms in order to ensure the best and most tailored sponsorship packages for our members. Through this our society is able to provide unrivaled socials on campus ranging from our illustrious Winter and Spring balls, to our termly Trent River cruises. It is my role also to make sure our members receive unparalleled career’s advice by organising on campus workshops and promoting career opportunities in both legal and non-legal fields. Here at our society we strive to provide a healthy environment promoting member welfare whilst making sure that our notorious sports teams remain unbeaten (given their amazing track record!).

Since I joined the Law Society in my first year, it has been a huge part of university experience. It’s a place where I made many of my closest friends and furthered my career ambitions. I can guarantee that joining our society will be one of the best decisions you will make! If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at lawsociety@nottingham.ac.uk.


Vice President - Rebecca Barry


Hello! I’m Bex, a final year LLB student who has just come back from a year studying in Australia, and this year I’m LawSoc’s VP!

My responsibilities include organising our second-hand book sale, which gives you access to all the required textbooks and revision guides at fantastic prices, as well as the Winter Raffle and a trip to the West End. This year we’re also going to run a series of events to raise money for a charity chosen by our members at the start of term, so keep an eye out for how you can get involved with that too!  

Joining LawSoc is a great way to make friends in all year groups at our socials and have access to unique networking opportunities - so make sure to get involved as much as you can from day one!

I’m excited to meet you all during freshers and getting to know you over the next year - if you’ve got any questions, keep an eye out around LASS or simply drop me an email!

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General Sec - Dexanne Balana


Hi everyone, my name’s Dexanne – a third year LLB student and your General Secretary. My main aim is to keep you all up to date with what our committee do for you. Other responsibilities include organising sponsorships in co-ordination with our President Harri, organising committee meetings and overseeing LawSoc's elections.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email. I’m sure I’ll see many of you around LASS too. I hope you all have a great year!


Treasurer - Eloise Ryan


Hey everyone! I’m Eloise, a second year Law student and Treasurer of the Law Society! My role involves managing all financial ingoings and outgoings of the society, and ensuring that all spending is efficient and transparent. Managing one of the biggest society budgets on campus, my role is primarily to ensure that LawSoc remains solvent. Being Treasurer is unique in that I work closely with every member of the Law Soc committee, by authorising funding for all of the exciting opportunities available. On a day to day basis, I mainly deal with membership fees, society income and decision making in regards to which events can be run, and for what price.

As a society we understand that students are often required to budget, and therefore we are proud to offer some of the best value yet biggest opportunities on campus. We are lucky to be funded by a range of outstanding sponsors, and are thankful that their generosity allows us to run some of the cheapest social events at the university (for example, our legendary boat cruises!). Alongside this, many of our events run free of charge for the benefit of our members.

My focus this year is to provide members with the best possible value for money, whilst offering a wide variety of exciting opportunities and events! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop me an email on: llyejr@nottingham.ac.uk.

I hope you enjoy your 2017/18 academic year at the University of Nottingham, and I am sure that you will have an invaluable experience through joining the Law Society!



Careers Rep - Nick Humphries


Hi everyone! I am a second year LLB law student and I will be your Careers Officer for this year. My role is to ensure that you are exposed to a variety of career options which will allow you to make an informed decision and follow the career path that you wish to pursue. One of my main roles is to organise Dinner With The City, an exciting event where we invite some of the leading law firms to Nottingham for an exclusive networking dinner and a fun social evening. Workshops, talks and weekly careers letters will be heading your way, so be sure to take every opportunity available! Feel free to stop me in LASS or anywhere around campus and I’ll be happy to help.


Social Sec - Poppy Henderson


Hi! My name is Poppy, I'm a second year LLB student and one of Law Soc's Social Secretaries for this year.

My job (along Kajal) is to organise all of Law Soc's amazing socials and make sure you all have the best experience outside of studying.

We are responsible for organising the famous Winter and Spring Balls, the River Cruises, and all the other great events that happen throughout the year.

If you have any questions regarding socials (or anything to do with Law Soc) please feel free to message or email me!


Social Sec - Kajal Nayyar


Hi, my name is Kajal, I’m a third year LLB student and I will be one of your social secretaries for the coming year. I am responsible for the organisation and running of the vast range of socials that Law Society provides, including the Winter and Spring Ball, the multiple Boat Cruises, a Trip Abroad and many more! I will be working closely alongside sponsors, venues and club reps to ensure that our socials offer the best possible experience. Most importantly my job is to ensure that everyone has a good time outside of all the studying! If you have any questions, please come and find me or otherwise feel free to email me.




Publicity Rep - Isabelle Jefferies


Hey guys, I’m Isabelle and I’m in my second year of studying Law with French and French Law. My main role as publicity officer will be to keep all of you members up to date with the numerous events we will be hosting during the year. This will mainly be done via social media so make sure you follow our Facebook (University of Nottingham Law Society) and Instagram (uonlawsoc) pages to not miss out on the fun! It is so important to get involved in order to make the best out of your university experience, and lawsoc is an amazing way of doing this, whether you are a law student or not.

If you have any question, feel free to drop me an email. I’m sure I’ll be meeting many of you throughout the year!


Sports Sec - Imogen Eastwood


Hi everyone! I’m Imogen, a second year Law LLB student and your Sports Secretary for 2017-18. I’ll be in charge of everything relating to our 8 sports teams for the Law Society. Our Lawsoc teams boast a strong reputation and we have an impressive track record! We have 2 netball teams, 2 football teams, a rugby, hockey, basketball and a volleyball team. I aim to get as many people involved as possible with our regular training and IMS matches as well as getting our kits ordered early. We also have a great social side to our sports, including initiations, a Christmas meal and socials with the other Lawsoc teams. Our highlight is the annual inter-university sports tournament where the netball, football and rugby teams all travel to Manchester to compete. This is always a day packed full of high level game play, networking and fun, followed by a massive night out at Ocean after – who could resist! Anyone is welcome in the Lawsoc teams and I look forward to meeting you all this year. If you have any questions just email me or message me on Facebook anytime!

International Rep - Nicholas Chong


Nicholas Picture.jpg

Hi! I’m Nicholas. I’m a currently a second year LLB student and I will be your International Representative for the 17/18 academic year.

The University of Nottingham’s Law School has an incredibly international and diverse undergraduate student body and it is my job to help ensure that you will be able to call this place a home away from home.

As an international student myself, I understand the excitement and nervousness that comes with leaving home for university. However, I am confident that the Law Society and I will make your journey a fun-filled and memorable experience - so do get involved!

The Law Society and I will be running the ‘Adoption Scheme’ at the start of the year. This will be one of the very first opportunities for you to get involved and find a helping hand to ease your transition into law school. Alternatively, if you are a returning student, to help others who were once in your position.

Do not hesitate to contact me with your questions or suggestions via e-mail. I hope to see you all soon.



Welfare Officer - Aliya Karim


Hi there! I’m Aliya, a fourth year LLB student and your Welfare Officer for this academic year. After studying law for three years, both here and abroad, I know that law school brings a whole range of new challenges, many of which can be stressful, therefore my role as Welfare Officer is to help you maintain your wellbeing at a healthy level. It’s okay to not feel okay, and if you feel like anything is wrong, or just want someone to talk to, I am here to provide help and support. 

Keep an eye out for a number of initiatives during the year, such as social sport, wellness week and firm presentations around important issues such as LGBTQI and Women in Law. These initiatives aim to highlight the importance of wellbeing, reduce stress, provide opportunities to make friends and discuss issues openly with other students and professionals, so there is plenty to get involved in!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email (llyak8), facebook, or just say hi if you see me around! I hope you have a great year.