President - Vinnie Fraser

Hello all, and welcome to University of Nottingham and one of the most active and largest societies on campus. I am your President for the 2018/19 academic year. My job entails networking with all our 41 sponsors to progress their campus presence and provide opportunities for you guys, ranging from socials to career events through formal sponsorship, I manage the 15-man committee to ensure everything is run effectively and efficiently, and coordinate with the Students' Union to contribute to the wider student community. I also co-chair the University Community Learning Forum on behalf of the Law School and work alongside the University Careers Service to broaden the horizons of our members. If you need anything throughout the year feel free to email me, or grab me when you see me around, I'll always be up for a chat!  

Vice President - Imogen Eastwood

Hi everyone! I’m Imogen, a final year LLB student and your Lawsoc VP this year! I’ll be in charge of organising our second-hand book sale at the start of term, which gives you access to all the required textbooks and revision guides at fantastic prices, as well as the Winter Raffle and a trip to the West End in our spring term. Joining LawSoc is a great way to make friends in all year groups at our socials and have access to unique networking opportunities - so make sure to get involved as much as you can from day one! Anyone is welcome to join Lawsoc and I’m excited to meet you all over the next year. If you have any questions, keep an eye out around LASS or drop me an email at any time!

Gen Sec - Sebastian De Boer

Welcome to our page, I’m Sebastian, - a second year LLB student - and I’ve been elected to be your ‘Gen Sec’ for the forthcoming year.

I have many responsibilities, with your satisfaction in the society being chief priority of course. I’ll be involved in the organising of sponsorships with firms and maintaining relationships with said firms; running elections; typing up “Committee Minutes” for transparency and awareness of plans and projects, and generally keeping you in the loop. Though I’d like to conceptualise my role as something of a versatile support role for both my committee and members.

Law Soc is an instrumental way of getting ahead at university, whether that be socially or for your career prospects. Utilising all the opportunities available to you shows that you’re proactive, raises your awareness to things over and above what can be taught and inspires. This is what makes our society so unparalleled and prestigious. Get involved from day-dot; get ahead.

I know, from experience, that there are many times over the year which can be overwhelming or confusing. So, please don’t hesitate to contact me, or anyone else on the committee, over the year – in person or by email.



Treasurer - Shen-Li Teh

Hello, everyone! I’m Shen-Li Teh, the LawSoc treasurer for 2018/19 and a second year international student from Malaysia.

As treasurer, I work closely with all the committee members by sorting out budgets and authorising funding for transactions that go into making LawSoc events. I also ensure the efficient and transparent handling of society finances in order to be accountable to our members, sponsors and the university.

As part of the committee, my goal is to facilitate good value LawSoc events and opportunities for all of our members.

If you ever need a question answered, feel free to just drop me an email!


Careers Rep - Joshua Rutt

Hey everyone! I’m Josh, a second year LLB Law student and the Law Society’s Careers Officer for the coming year. I’ll be organising the careers events for the country’s leading law firms when they come to the university. I will also be arranging “Dinner with the City”, a networking event exclusive to the University and the largest of its kind in the country! This, along with the workshops, presentations and the weekly careers newsletters give you the best opportunities to network and get vacation schemes and training contracts. If you ever have any questions feel free to find me in LASS, the campus in general or at any of the Society socials! We will all always be happy to help you!

Social Sec - Hannah Mason 

Hi everyone! I'm Hannah, a second year LLB student and one of the society's two social secretaries for this year. 
Backed by our sponsors, we'll be organising a range of events to give our members the best experience outside of lectures- getting everyone networking, meeting new people from LawSoc and other societies, and generally making the most of time off from studying!
Events to come include a Winter and Spring Ball, trip abroad, and a river cruise.

If you have any questions about this year's socials, feel free to drop me an email or stop me in LASS. 
Have a great year!

Social Sec - Matt Beerling

Hey, I am Matt and a second year Industrial Economics student over in the Business School, so weird I am one of Law Soc’s Social Secretaries. There is some relevance as I fo wish to pursue a career in law after converting.

My job, alongside Hannah, is to organise all the amazing Law Soc Socials you will have over the course of this year, making sure you all play as hard as you work.

We are responsible for the wide range of social activities you can partake in, such as the famous Winter and Spring Balls, the all improved trip abroad, river cruises, club nights and other great events and activities to give you a great experience outside studying.

As a non law student I would love for Law Soc to come together with other societies such as NEFS and Business and Leadership in order to have bigger and better events than ever before.

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.



Publicity Officer - Emma Goddard

Hey guys, I’m Emma, a second  year LLB Law student, and your publicity officer for the upcoming year.

As publicity officer my role will be to keep you all updated on everything LawsSoc, especially all of the amazing events and socials we will be hosting throughout the year.Ill be keeping you updated via all our social media sites, so make sure you follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as keeping tabs on the Law Society website, to ensure you don't miss out on anything!

The links to all our social media pages, can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to drop me an email, and I look forward to meeting many of you throughout the rest of the year! x

Sports Sec - James Gluckstein

Hey everyone, I’m James, a third year Law LLB student, and I’m your new Sports Secretary for 2018-19! The Law Society has 8 sports teams this year (2 football teams, 2 netball teams, a rugby, hockey, basketball and a volleyball team) and it’s my job to manage them all throughout the year. Law Society teams are for players of all standards and abilities, from first time players to BUCS level athletes. All we need from our players is passion for the sport and for having fun with your teammates!

My role for this year involves organising the production of team kits, organising training for teams and generally getting as many people involved in Law Soc sport as possible. With team initiations, an annual Christmas meal and socials with other Law Soc teams, Law Soc sport is about much more than just our weekly matches. Our annual highlight is the inter-university sports tournament in Manchester, where the netball, football and rugby teams compete against other Law Society teams, followed by a night out - the perfect combination! Additionally, this year may see the introduction of several new inter-university sports competitions for our members to get involved in, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements throughout the year.

I am looking forward to meeting you all over the next year and, if anyone has any questions, email or message me on Facebook any time!

International Rep - Elizabeth Feng

Hi everyone, I’m Elizabeth, a second year LLB Law student, and your international representative for this year! As international rep, my role is to represent the interests of all the international students within the law school and to make sure we are as inclusive as possible. This year, I’m mainly hoping to organise more meet ups and events that celebrate the many different cultures here in Notts; as well as to provide more information on pursuing further studies or a career in a different country. As an international student myself, I understand the difficulty of getting informed about the procedures and examinations that need to be taken in order to practice in another jurisdiction, so I hope to be of help this year regarding these issues. If you have any questions or suggestions of things I can do to help with adapting to uni life, studying or working abroad, please don’t hesitate to send me an email. I’m so excited to meet all of you, and don’t be shy, say hi to me if you see me around!


Welfare Officer - Lisa Sheldrick

Hello! I’m Lisa, a fourth year Law with American Law student and your Welfare Officer for this academic year. After studying law for three years, both here and in Texas, I know that law school brings a whole range of new challenges, many of which can be stressful, therefore my role as Welfare Officer is to help you maintain your wellbeing at a healthy level. It’s okay to not feel okay, and if you feel like anything is wrong, or just want someone to talk to, I am here to provide help and support.

Keep an eye out for a number of initiatives during the year, such as social sport, wellness week and firm presentations around important issues such as LGBTQI and Women in Law. My goal is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to keep yourself healthy in both body and mind at University and in your chosen career path. These initiatives aim to highlight the importance of wellbeing, reduce stress, provide opportunities to make friends and discuss issues openly with other students and professionals, so there is plenty to get involved in! Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or facebook, or just say hi if you see me around! Let’s all have a great year!