Whilst being revered across the University for our frequent success in both Intra-Mural Sports and National tournaments, LawSoc sports is far from a results centred entity, focusing greatly on the social aspects of team sports. It represents a great way to befriend fellow Law students across the year groups, with a strong sense of comradery promoted throughout. Each team also holds their own individual social events, coupled with collaborative events between the different teams.

In summary, LawSoc offers great opportunities for extra-curricular sports alongside your degree, enhancing your overall experience of the University of Nottingham and the Law Society in particular – plus you get some pretty nice kit as well!

If you’re interested in joining a team, or just want to hear more information about LawSoc sports, then do not hesitate to contact your Sports Sec, James Gluckstein (llyjg10@nottingham.ac.uk).

Team Captain: Chiemelie Olibie (llycgol@nottingham.ac.uk)

Team Captain: Alex Oldland (llyalo@nottingham.ac.uk)

Team Captain: Imogen Eastwood (llyie1@nottingham.ac.uk)

Team Captain: Iphigenia Fisentzou (llyif@nottingham.ac.uk)

Team Captain: Matthew Manwaring (llymm8@nottingham.ac.uk)

Team Captain: Kieran Pereira (llykjp@nottingham.ac.uk)