LawSoc offers an unparalleled careers service for both law and non-law students, organising and promoting a multitude of presentations, workshops and networking events throughout the year with the most reputable law firms in the world. With weekly careers newsletters and exclusive opportunities, LawSoc’s members are given invaluable guidance and intimate exposure to the legal field.

Thanks to its kind sponsors, LawSoc is also able to provide the biggest and most frequent socials across campus at the cheapest prices. Studying law is an arduous task, but the society provides a light at the end of a case-filled tunnel by inviting its members to attend truly memorable river cruises, grand balls and theatre trips, as well as providing the perfect opportunities to celebrate the end of exams, Christmas, Easter and more! As well as this, LawSoc membership cards entitle holders to more discounts than any other society from some of Nottingham’s biggest names. From clubs to restaurants to gyms, the benefits of joining the society extend much further than career opportunities!

LawSoc has some of the best sports teams on campus. With basketball, rugby, hockey, netball, volleyball and two football teams, the red of LawSoc is a force to be reckoned with every weekend!

Perhaps most importantly, LawSoc is a channel of support both for its members and the wider community. As well as participating in a charitable events, from teaching children to running marathons, the LawSoc Adoption Scheme is one of the most longstanding and successful internal mentoring schemes at the University, laying testament to the claim that LawSoc is, in essence, one big family.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard for the 2017/18 academic year and helping you make the absolute most of your time at the University of Nottingham.  Click here to join LawSoc today!